Ciderhuset – for people who like cider!

The start or the end of national tourist route Gaularfjellet is Balestrand by Sognefjorden. This village was a known artist colony in the 1800s, and paintings of the landscape here adorn the many walls of European art galleries. Ciderhuset is located in an organic fruit garden, about 1,5 km from the dock and the renown Kviknes Hotel.

Balholm is our brand, and we make 40 different products – like must/juice and cider, dessert wines and spirits – all made from 100% fruit and berries. Many of our products are also organic.

In the summertime you can join our cider tasting and learn about the process of making “champagne-cider” the traditional way, and distillation of apple brandy. You can also shop in our farm shop or enjoy a meal in our restaurant. We welcome groups for lunch, dinner, interpretations about cider and fruit, hertiage walks, events, team building and other fun all year round.

Ciderhuset is also part of an international network of 100 Économusée in Europa and Canada that preserves traditional craftmanship (Artisans at work).

Practical information

The farm shop is open from the 22 of May until the 31 of August.
Sunday – Friday: 1 – 6pm
Saturday closed.
No sale of alcohol on Sundays.

The restaurant is open from 20th of June until 20th of August,
Sunday – Friday (except Saturday for private events).

  • Lunch and dinner service from 1 to 9 pm.

Cider tasting from the 22 May – 31 August
We start at 1pm and 4pm.

Events, heritage walks and cider tasting for more
than 15 people have to be booked ahead of time.