Ciderhuset Summer Restaurant

Open 20.6.-19.8, Sunday through Friday 1-9pm
À la carte dining. We make dishes with local ingredients such as salmon, Aberdeen Angus and venison. Internationally inspired - a kind of fusion kitchen, with small dishes inspired by the Mediterranean. We highly recommend a cider tour in our cellar before or after your meal. Ciderhuset is located in Balestrand. Contact us on +47 90835673.

Summer Café by Gaularfjellet

Open daily 25.6-12.8 from 12am - 5pm
Café in the protected main house at Flatheim. Here you can buy gourmet sandwiches, cakes and freshly baked goods. Enjoy a small lunch break in a special atmosphere - and a cup of coffee! Want to stay longer? Ask us for an accommodation quote. Contact us at +47 99246066. Flatheim, Hoffslåttene in Eldalsdalen.
Café Sobra

Café Sobra - in the middle of Førde

Hearty soups and light lunch
Café Sobra serves light lunches, tasty soups, homemade cakes, wine, beer, cold drinks and good coffee. During the warm season you can enjoy food from the café on the terrace top. Open: Tuesdays - Sundays from 11am-4pm, closed on Mondays. More info at + 47 48249071. Café Sobra is located at the Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Art in Førde.
Sande Kro and Hotel

Homemade food at Sande Kro and Hotel

The restaurant opens at 12am
Sande Kro serves cold and hot dishes, lunch and dinner, cakes and other desserts. We are known for our excellent food and we only use seasonal produce. We are open year-round and our kitchen closes at 9pm. We are located in Sande in Gaular. To make a reservation or get more information contact us at +47 57718050.

Taste experience at Gaularfjellet

Eldalstunet - prices from 170 NOK
Sundays - homemade food made with local ingredients. Open Sundays in June-September from 1 - 5pm. A vibrant farm with ever-engaging hosts. Small dishes, main courses, cakes and other desserts. Contact +47 91195578. Eldalstunet is located in Viksdalen.

Cold and hot dishes with a local twist

Eldalstunet - prices from 120 NOK
Saturdays - small and large dishes made with local ingredients, cakes and other desserts. Open Saturdays in July and August 1-5pm. A vibrant farm with ever-engaging hosts and good atmosphere. Contact +47 91195578. Eldalstunet is located in Viksdalen.

Small and big taste experiences

Prices from 120 NOK
Enjoy fresh bread and other baked goods; tasty, small and large dishes; local produce when possible, early or late afternoon. Open all year: 01.9-19.6: Tuesdays -Saturdays 9am-4pm. Summer: 20.6.-31.8: Tuesdays-Fridays 10am-4pm. Saturdays 10am-3pm. Stop by Mjølkerampen in Sande - local and cozy atmosphere. Contact us at +47 95242150.
Furnes Angus

Aberdeen Angus at Furnes Farm

Purchase prime beef cuts and local products directly from the farmer
We run a local food production business on our farm in Bygstad where we raise Aberdeen Angus cattle, which are known for their marbled and tasty meat. They also have good grazing qualities and keep the landscape in good condition. Grass-fed cattle result in a tastier, more tender and healthier meat that we sell directly to our customers. Contact us at + 47 90512933.
Dragsvik Fjordhotel

Delicious dishes with a view

Lunch, specials and à la carte
Enjoy a great meal in our small and cosy restaurant with a panoramic view to the fjord, mountains and glacier. We also offer small dishes and lunch in our garden or in our new garden cottage. We serve specials and à la carte in our restaurant every day from 15.5. to 15.9. from 7 - 9pm, and small dishes and lunch from 1.6. to 31.8. from 12am-3pm. Make a reservation at +47 57694400, Dragsvik Fjordhotel is located close to Balestrand.