GAULARFJELLET “Lunch on the Mountain”

Are you ready to experience Gaularfjellet? We tempt you with a homemade packed “Lunch on the Mountain” that you can take with you on your journey or you can find your way to a lovely farm restaurant. Enjoy it outside in the open air by a waterfall or visit a restaurant in Eldalsdalen. 

“Lunch on the mountain” contains fresh baguette or buns with delectable spreads and toppings, fresh greens and a pastry. You can also add a bottle of locally pressed fruit juice or lemonade to your order.  The businesses delivering the local flavors of this lunch are located along the route. We hope you will enjoy this energy-packed “Lunch on the Mountain” and that it enhances your experience between the falls along The Scenic Route of Gaularfjellet.

Gaularfjellet welcomes you to many experiences in Fosseheimen (the waterfall country) – a varied landscape encircled by Sognefjorden, Dalsfjorden and Førdefjorden. The protected Gaular watercourse meanders through rivers, lakes, rapids and waterfalls along the route. The lush, green mountain and fjordscapes greet you with a smile. The passage has two farm restaurants (see description below) and seven ideal picnic spots for lunch breaks: Eldalstunet, FlatheimUtsikten, Mirage (Torsnesstølen), Likholefossen, Hestad, Vallestadfossen, Haukedalen and Fleten (Holsavatnet).

Booking GAULARFJELLET “Lunch on the mountain”
: 10 July – 30 September. Price: From 139 NOK.
Group: For 8 people or more, please call a day in advance.
Flatheim, Viksdalen, offers “Lunch on the Mountain” to overnight guests. You can call in advance and order on +47 99 24 60 66.
Mjølkerampen, Sande, stop by at 10 am or call a day in advance
before 3 pm on +47 95 24 21 50. Sunday and Monday – closed.
Dragsvik Fjord Hotel, Balestrand, in the reception or call a day in
advance before 7 pm on +47 57 69 44 00.

Lunch at Eldalstunet and Flatheim

Along the route you will also find two good lunch spots worth a visit this summer: Eldalstunet and Flatheim.

The café at Eldalstunet is open every Saturday from 1 to 5 pm in July and August, and every Sunday from 1 to 6 pm in June, July, August and September. They serve traditional lunch dishes and dinner made from local produce. Eldalstunet is located 7 km from Likholefossen.


Flatheim invites you to their café in the protected main house that has been bestowed with the St. Olaf’s rose by Norsk Kulturarv (Norwegian Cultural Heritage). The café is open every day from 12 to 5 pm until the 12th of August. They offer tasty gourmet sandwiches with a variety of toppings, homemade cakes, baked goods and a unique atmosphere that is perfect for a lunch break and a good cup of coffee. Flatheim also prepares “Lunch on the Moutain” for their overnight guests, and is located 450 meters from Likholefossen.


A trip through The Scenic Route of Gaularfjellet offers culinary surprises and spectacular architecture, in addition to everything you might expect: mountain lakes, rapids and snow covered peaks!

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Everything you can experience with a museumspass

The museums of Sogn og Fjordane recently launched a museumpass which gives you access to thirteen museums in the county for only 179 NOK! You can buy the pass at all the museums and with one of these in your pocket you can experience many exciting exhibitions and activities, guided tours, hikes at the open-air museum, and different events. You will find three of the museums along the scenic route Gaularfjellet.


The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism

The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is located in Balestrand, between the fjord and mountains and by the beach of the Sognefjord. Here you can get to know a village with a long tradition of tourism, which was also once home to an artist colony.

Inside the newly built museum you can explore the development and history of tourism in our mountain and fjord landscape. It shares stories of voyages of discovery and the risky building of roads in challenging terrains, as well as how some villages and places became sought-after destinations.

Opening times: 01.07 – 30.09     all days     10 am – 6 pm



Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

What has the artist added to and left out from his representation? What has she or he emphasized? In what different ways has the artist depicted nature, the seasons and the light?

From the 28th of June “I Naturen” (In Nature) is showing at the Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum in Førde. Representation of landscape and nature has a long history within art. To celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the Norwegian Trekking Association, the museum has curated a selection of works from their collection around the theme of nature.

The motifs are mountains, ocean, fjords, sky, forest and flora, the seasons and people enjoying, longing for and wondering in nature.

Opening times:  All year     Tuesday – Sunday     11 am – 4 pm



Sunnfjord Museum

Sunnfjord Museum is located by Lake Movatnet east of Førde. Their collections and buildings portray the daily life of people living in Sunnfjord from 1500 to 1900, and makes for a rich cultural experience. You can join a guided tour, see the exhibitions, and visit the herb garden and the museum shop.

The museum also has a beautiful outdoor area with cozy sitting spots tucked in between the houses. The houses are also for hire and offer a really nice and historical atmosphere for meetings and celebrations.

You are always welcome at Sunnfjord Musem – whether you are seeking knowledge or just need to relax in astonishing surroundings.

Opening times:  01.07 – 15.08     Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm | Weekend  12 – 5 pm


Explore everything you can experience with the museumpass in this brochure!

Museumspass | Gaularfjellet

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