Experience Gaularfjell

Guided Soft Adventure to Utsikten at Gaularfjell

Half- or whole day, guide included. The trip starts out with a comfortable busride at 09.30 AM from Førde towards Sande. Here, we’ll take on some local food from Mjølkerampen and Sande Hotel before heading towards Hestad and the old chapel, beautifully located on a narrow peninsula in the middle of the Viksdal lake. After a tour and cultural surprise, we will head on to the new installation at Utsikten where you can enjoy some local flavours on the picnic area.

Further we will trail Fossestien (The waterfall trail) along the Gaular river. At Myravatn you have access to sturdy kayacs for crossing the lake. When you arrive at Flatheim, you will be greeted with snacks and refreshments before heading back towards Førde by bus – this time via the Rørvik mountain and a quick photo stop at the Vallestad waterfall. ETA Førde at approx 0730 PM.

Trips this summer:

July: 8, 27, 28,29, 30.


  • Whole day trip: NOK 950 for adults and NOK 450 for children (under 16)
  • Halvdagstur: NOK 550 for adults and NOK 250 for children (under 16