A home away from home

We are a small family farm that offer overnight stay with breakfast in the summertime. Our rooms are located in a house that dates back to the 16-1700s. Maybe you will feel the historical whisper of the atmosphere?

Our wish is that you as our guest will feel welcome and experience peace and quiet.

Feel like you are at home, but do not blow your nose in the curtains!

Here you can prepare your own food on the gassgrill or the fire pit next to the garden cottage, or use the communal kitchen.

Practical information

Tuftegarden offers overnight stay and breakfast.

We can also offer:

  • Firewood heated hot tub
  • Eldhus (fire house) with firewood heated baking oven
  • Fishing in the nearby river and lakes
  • Rowboat, canoe and kayak rentals
  • Turf hut that can hold 35-60 people
  • Event facilities (for meetings and parties)
  • Hikes along Fossestien or in the mountains