A dream journey from Sognefjord to Fosseheim

The national tourist route Gaularfjellet is a dream journey through magnificent norwegian nature and resilient villages. This route has many gateways you can choose from. From Førde (Holsen) over Rørvikfjellet to Viksdalen and continuing towards the world longest fjord, Sognefjorden. Or from the Sognefjord side, through Balestrand, Dragsvik, and then into the beautiful mountain landscape.

On this journey you will experience everything from mighty fjords and mountains, luring waterfalls, deep valleys and dramatic views that will take your breath away. On the highest point you’ll find the view point Utsikten, balancing on the edge of the mountain, about 700 meter above sea level. Another treasure is the protected Gaularvassdraget known for its many waterfalls. Here you can stretch your legs and get closer to nature and the glorious waterfall. The bridge over Likholefossen is a highlight for many travellers, and some say that when you stand here you feel one with the powerful fall.

Along the Gaularfjellet route there are many of these types of incredible experiences of nature, good stories, exquisite local flavours and exciting discoveries waiting for you. Many of them you will find on this website.

Take your time to discover Gaularfjellet, an experience that you will not forget.

Travel Information

Length: 114 km
MAMSL: 784 meters

Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet stretches from Balestrand – Moskog, between Sande – Eldalsosen for over 114 km. From Balestrand its possible to explore several branch roads. A boat trip that almost reaches the Jostedal Glacier is a nice way to experience the incredible scenery.


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